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Our Stock Machine Program has been set up to reduce our customer’s lead-time for either rebuilt or new machines.

This is accomplished by having all common components within a given platform manufactured, assembled and tested, prior to receiving the customer’s order. With these items completed, all that remains is the addition of the customer specified work and wheelhead area equipment, keeping the time to completion down to a minimum.

Our Stock Machine Program Provides:

  • Lead-Times Reduced by 50 Percent or More
  • Increased Profits based upon the Reduced Delivery Time
  • 4 machines in progress at all times (SN115-Z & SN200-Z Base Platforms)

Stock Machine Platform for our Heald CF Conversion Consists of the following:

  • Fully Rebuilt and Qualified Machine Base and Superstructure
  • Fully Tested, Remanufactured and Converted Cross-Slide (X-Axis)
  • Fully Tested, Remanufactured and Converted Table (Z-Axis)
  • Pre-Wired Allen Bradley Compact Logix Control
  • A new Electric Box Pendant with Control Box Assembled
  • New HPU with All Preliminary Piping Completed
In-Stock SN115-Z Grinding Machine Base completed and ready for Customer Specified Options In-Stock SN115-Z Grinding Machine Base rear view showing Electric Box and Preliminary HPU Piping awaiting Customer Specified Options
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