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The Hi-Rez Slide System for HEALD CF Grinders. The Hi-Rez Slide System is a combination of a new CF servo-motor driven cross slide, a new touch-screen controller and new accompanying electrical panel.

Delivered as a direct replacement for the slide currently in operation on your machine, along with new electrical control main panel and operator’s panel, both pre-wired, and ready for installation in your machine. The package provides a full color touch screen for operator interface, and state-of-the-art grinding software.

Imagine the benefits of a single solution package that costs a small fraction of the price for machine rebuilding or replacement, installs easily and quickly, and permanently rids the CF of costly headaches. The benefits to your operations include:

  • Faster grind cycles, by allowing optimum grind and dress rates to be programmed, and repeated, while enabling the machine to dress-compensate at finite values, and to skip dress multiple cycles. This new capability enables the CF to use and optimize super abrasives such as CBN
  • Reduction in abrasive costs by allowing specific comp values to be entered and repeated, and to minimally dress super abrasives for their maximum economy
  • Streamlined maintenance: No more gears, wheel-wear switches, or even glass scales to maintain. The old HEALD O.E.M. controls that are very expensive to maintain are replaced with newer modern ones
  • The reliability of a new control, performance of a high resolution cross slide, and the net productivity and quality derived from the software marriage of the two significant elements
  • High performance, minimum cost equals high R.O.I.

For application of rotary-type disks, cups, and rolls, the spindles can be driven hydraulically, with an electric motor, or with a servo drive.

Hi-Rez Brochure

High Resolution Slide and Control Systems
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